Space to breathe. Qantas Club family zones.

Sydney airport Qantas club family zone

The Qantas Club lost me when I became a mother.  Prior to having children I travelled frequently for work and frequently used the Club as an office on the move.  Once I had children, the business emphasis of the clubs and I just didn’t make a good fit.  I recently made a discovery that recruited me back to the Qantas Club after a four-year hiatus.  The reason for my renewed membership are the new family zones, which are located in many Qantas Clubs around Australia including in regional airports.  The family zones offer both children and parents a quiet place to relax prior to boarding a flight, with books, toys, computers, computer games, and healthy snacks on offer.  I often travel alone with my two small boys and the ground time is usually the most difficult aspect of the trip.  I live in fear of losing my toddler, who thinks it is most amusing to run away from me.  Someone hits the nag button in my four year old who is enticed by every candy bar gleaming in airport shop-fronts.   The Qantas Club family zones now offer me an alternative with the prime attraction being the ability to contain my boys prior to our departure.  For those of you that travel frequently with small children, and particularly those that travel alone with their children the membership price (you may be entitled for discounts in some professions) is worth the peace of mind.

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