Wet ‘n’ Wild Junior – a kid’s review.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Junior

I’ve been waiting seven long years for this moment.  My eldest child’s first review of an attraction on this website.  Nathaniel, aged 9 has been reticent to contribute to to the blog having relegated it to the list of “daggy things mum does”.  A keen fan of waterparks Nathaniel spends much time on the internet searching the waterslides of the world.  We couldn’t visit Queensland’s Gold Coast without taking him to one of the water parks and Wet ‘n’ Wild topped the list.  I promised him if he starts writing reviews for this site he might just get his own category on this site (you may want to encourage him by adding some comments to this article).

Nathaniel’s brief for this review was specific – he was to share his experience of Wet ‘n’Wild Junior – the section of the waterpark for kids under ten.  The reason for this is two fold – firstly, I was on little kid duty at during our day at Wet ‘n’ Wild hence all the photos I have are of the Wet ‘n’ Wild Junior area.  Also – as this was Nathaniel’s only chance to experience it (he is turning ten at his next birthday) he made sure to go on all the waterslides in Wet ‘n’ Wild Junior.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Junior

What Nathaniel has to say:

In the summer school holidays 2017/ 2018 our family went to Wet ‘n’ Wild Gold Coast. I’m here to tell you about the under 10 area , Wet ‘n’ Wild Junior.

Wet n Wild is made up of two parts, a play area and miniature slides including a smaller version   tornado. The play area has water jets ,water cannons slides and a bucket. Some of the slides are a halfpipe tube slide, a mini racing slide, a mini tornado like I said and more. 

I think that it was a good area for little kids and would recommend taking your younger kids there.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Junior

I as always have my opinion on Wet ‘n” Wild Junior and have some tips to share with parents:

-As a parent that has been carting my kids to waterslides for a while Wet ‘n’ Wild Junior really is the best young kids area that I’ve seen at a waterpark.  Often the waterparks only make a token effort to keep the young kids happy – Wet ‘n” Wild Junior is substantial and fun for kids aged 18 months to ten years.

-Shade is at a premium at busy periods and believe me you need some.  Arrive at opening time (10am) to ensure you nab a shaded area.

-Dress your kids and yourself in rashes and hats – my own shoulders paid a price for the day at Wet “n” Wild.

-Bring an esky, cold drinks and a picnic lunch.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Junior





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17 thoughts on “Wet ‘n’ Wild Junior – a kid’s review.

  1. Thanks for the review Nathaniel! Your recommendation is really useful- we will definately take our kids there when we make it up to the Gold Coast. Great work! Would love to hear more reviews!

  2. Sounds great, from what you’ve described, Nathaniel! Makes me want to go there! Great write-up – I’d love to read more recommendations.

  3. Thanks Nathaniel for your awesome review! We are planning a trip to Wet n Wild soon, and I didn’t even know there was a junior area, so this has been really helpful. I hope to see more of your reviews soon. Keep it up Nathaniel!

  4. Hi Nathaniel, Thanks for your post. We are taking our kids there next week. How long do you think my kids would want to spend there? Will they be tired after couple of hours? Or should we plan to spend the whole day?

    Cheers, and thanks in advance for your advice.

  5. Thanks Nathaniel for your review. I’d definitely like to take my kids after reading about your experience at Wet and Wild. We live near Jamberoo Action Park. I think you’d love to have a day on the wateslides there too. Jacqui

  6. Hi Nathaniel – this looks like it was great fun! How old do you think you’d have to be to enjoy it? Do you have to be able to swim well?

  7. I was wondering about a trip here with my younger kids. Nathaniel, how do you reckon a 6yr old and a 3 yr old, both boys, would go? You mentioned ‘younger kids’ in your review. Do you think the 3 yr old might get scared at all or maybe knocked over by bigger kids?’ We only have this weekend left in school holidays so if you can think of anywhere better we are all ears.

  8. Thanks for the review.
    Nathaniel, your comments are really appreciated and useful. I have 3 kids under 10 years and would love to take them to wet n wild.

  9. Hey Nathaniel (& Danielle)- thanks for your kids review of Wet n Wild junior. I’ve got four busy kids, 12, 8 and 6 year old twins and it’s great to hear a review from the kids perspective- really adds to the adults viewpoint. I look forward to more of your thoughts.

  10. Is really like to take my kids to things thanks for the review Nathaniel and Danielle….Nathaniel what activity/slide would my five year old likes best do you think? What was your favorite?

  11. Hi Nathaniel, thank you so much for your review!

    It is really great to hear what you enjoyed about the attraction. Sometimes we grown ups try to guess what our children would enjoy but so much better to have your view on what you liked doing.

    Looking forward to reading your next review. 🙂


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