My top tip for entertaining kids on airplanes – Sticker books. Plus WIN sticker books from Parragon Publishing.

Parragon sticker books


If anyone asks me how I entertain my boys on flights my first answer is always “sticker books”. Seriously, I always pack at least one in my carry on luggage. The reason for their mid-air success is that they transcend the age ranges. Even as older babies my boys have been diverted by having me peel the stickers off and then encouraging them to pat them down themselves. By choosing a sticker book that incorporates activities I also cater to my pre-schooler. Parragon Publishing has donated two sticker book packs as a prize for readers of this blog. These are the Rolls Royce of sticker books with each pack consisting of four books containing 2700 stickers in total. I don’t want to gender stereotype, as heaven knows we don’t in this family. Bub 1 is a devotee of the Disney Princesses, and eyeing the two packs of sticker books there is no question that he would prefer the pink. For the purpose of simplicity though, I am going to ask entrants to indicate whether they are entering for the “boys pack” or “girls pack”. To enter you must like us on Facebook. Then, as a comment share your tip for entertaining kids in awkward situations. It doesn’t have to be a plane, as I know many of you haven’t flown with little ones yet. So think more broadly e.g. grocery check-outs, public toilets, train-rides etc.  Entries close the 27th of September.

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5 thoughts on “My top tip for entertaining kids on airplanes – Sticker books. Plus WIN sticker books from Parragon Publishing.

  1. My trick is simply the art of distraction! That may mean giving my little one a packet to play with in the supermarket or changing the tone of my voice to sound more fun and happy when a problem arises. 🙂 if I’m lucky, the girly pack would suit me! Loving your blog!

  2. Going Grocery Shopping: Number One Rule – feed the kids before you go. Less chance of hungry kids wanting everything they can see. Once there, make it a fun trip. My older child picks the items from the shelf ( as suggested by Mum) and the younger one stacks them in the trolley. Hope that helps. Boy pack please, if we are picked!

  3. Hi, just liked you at Facebook and I would love the girls pack if I’m the lucky one 🙂
    My grocery shop distraction is for them to make their own shopping list. It might only have two items on it, but it makes it a bit of a ‘treasure hunt’ for them and they get excited when they spot their things. I choose the stuff I know will be low down and easy and a few aisles apart – eg. cheese stringers and pasta. It works until we get to those wretched lollies at the checkout anyway!

  4. I have an old wallet filled with business cards, an old medicare card, some photo’s etc, that my 1 year old LOVES to sit and rummage through. Pulling out cards and turning them over in her chubby hands will keep her occupied long enough for me to take care of that phone call/meeting/purchase and she still doesn’t realise its not my real wallet.
    I have a pink AND blue kidlets at home, so either would be great. No matter what someone will be sharing anyway!

  5. Thanks to those of you that entered the sticker competition. There is a prize for each of you. Elise and Lara are first prize winners and will receive two sticker books each. Runners up Serena and Beck will each receive a sticker book too. I am flying out of town today (frantically typing this as I child wrangle to get to the airport) so it will be 10 days or so before I can mail out your prizes 🙁 If you can message me your addresses on Facebook I will put them in the mail ASAP when I return.

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