My top tips for looking great when traveling with kids

Love yourself enough to wear a proper swimsuit.

I’m not sure why but when I’m traveling looking my best becomes more important than when I am at home.  It’s not always easy to do so.  Jet lagged kids and limited luggage space for my own things when I have to bring SO much for the children conspire against me.  I feel a little shy sharing with you what I do to maximise my appearance when traveling with my kids because it implies that I always succeed.  Of course I don’t.  I have spent flights cover in child vomit, survived on 3 hours of grabbed sleep a day and lost my luggage when traveling.    Sometimes I look anything but glamourous.  However when I get it right and I’m in a glamorous location feeling like I look like I belong, well it is travel gold.

Have your eyelashes tinted.

Racoon eyes, on planes, in the pool and at the beach are never a good look.  I don’t have my eyelashes tinted regularly but making an appointment to have them done before a special trip means that even at the beach I feel a little bit put together.

Love your body

I learn’t so much about body positivity from my grandmother.  My summer’s were spent with her – a larger lady clothed mainly in just a swimsuit.  She absolutely did not hide her body from us.  I’ve noticed that most mums cover up around the pool and beach swimming in shorts and rashies.  While sun protection is important (and I’ll get to that later) no matter what your size my hope for all of you is that you will learn to feel good about yourselves in a proper bathing suit.  It may not be a bikini (three kids have meant I have given them away) but love your body enough to jump in a spa in a bathing suit without having to cover up.  If you want to let your lady garden grow naturally by all means do so.  If however being comfortable in a swim suit means tending to that garden then deal with it before you leave for your trip.  You want to arrive swim suit ready with no excuse for hiding away.

Traveling overseas?  Visit a GP at least six weeks before you travel.

There is perhaps nothing as unglamorous as travellers diarrhoea, dengue fever or malaria.  Ensuring you access good pre-travel health advice is clearly not about appearance however if you are not healthy you will not look great.   Make sure you book in with your GP at least six weeks before you travel for essential travel health advice.

Invest in a non-iron travel wardrobe.

Good travel clothes are a must.  What I mean by good travel clothes are mix and match outfit that take you from day to night and don’t need ironing.  My own go to for great travel outfits are Metalicus and Mela Purdie.  Try on your outfits including with shoes before you pack them to ensure all go together perfectly.

Invest in great skin at least 6 weeks before you travel.

We went match match just for fun in Hawaii and I was surprised that my sleep deprivation didn’t show. Thanks Rodan and Fields

I have only recently invested in a great skin care regimen and it has truly made a difference to how I look (and my confidence)  The best testimony to this was when I looked at photos from our recent trip to Hawaii which was challenging due to unwell kids who didn’t sleep at all (and hence neither did I).  In the photos I had taken there you couldn’t tell.  The key ingredient in ant-ageing skin regimens is Retinol.  I recommend Rodan and Fields Redefine or Reverse regimens to look your best.  These should be used for at least 6 weeks to see the best results.

Sun protection

Looking great isn’t just your genetics – sun exposure is the greatest contributor to ageing.  Sunburn looks terrible on any travel adventure however sun exposure also contributes to how you will look on future trips.  It is best to apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes prior to any sun exposure and to reapply it 2 hourly.  I preference Rodan and Fields Reverse Shield Brightening Lotion which is SPF 15 on my face and décolletage (with 2 hourly reapplication) and Cancer Council products on the rest of my body.

Mani Pedi before you go

Pre-trip take the time to have a main pedi.  Pedicures with shellac last me up to 6 weeks.  If you have SNS manicures just beware that some countries don’t have this product (and may not have the product to soak off – I found this out the hard way in LA).  If using SNS go for nudes pre-travel so that your regrowth won’t be noticeable.

Avoid insect bites

I have spent plenty of time in my career telling people how to avoid mosquito bites to avoid tropical diseases.  The reality is though that they also look unattractive, particularly if they become infected.  If in mosquito areas wear light coloured clothing that covers your arms and legs and apply a DEET or picaridin containing insect repellant every four hours.

Take your regular hair care products with you.

Those teeny tiny bottles may look cute but you are best sticking with your tried and true hair care regimen when traveling.  Take a travel sized portion of your regular shampoo and conditioner with you.


Have a great travel beauty tip?  Share it here is a comment.


Disclaimer:  The author is a Rodan and Fields consultant.

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