Preventing toddler accidents on holiday.

In May I was invited to be a guest blogger on Sarah Pye’s blog “Kid’s Welcome“.  Sarah is the author of a fantastic book “Kids Welcome to Queensland that provides specific information to guide families in their exploration of Queensland.  The following is a short excerpt from my post, that seeks to assist parents in keeping their toddler safe when travelling.

One of the more frightening things I have seen as a mother is my small son clasping a kitchen knife in his hand.  Thankfully, the offending item was removed without injury.  For some reason, holiday apartments rarely have knife blocks located on the kitchen bench with sharp utensils often located in kitchen drawers within reach of little hands.  Remember the amount of time, money and effort it took to baby-proof your home.   It is unlikely that hotel, motel or holiday apartment owner/managers will have put the same amount of care into the process that you did, if they bother to do so at all.  I would go so far as to state that every time you enter new holiday accommodation you should assume that it has not been baby or child proofed at all.  Families typically arrive at new holiday accommodation in varying states of exhaustion or over excitement depending on the age of the family member.  What is needed is a quick checklist that will allow parents to assess the property for potential risks to their child’s safety and to adequately manage these risks. While no checklist is a substitute for close adult supervision the following is designed to assist.  

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