How to locate airport playgrounds and play areas

A friend of mine recommended compiling a list of playground and play areas in airports around the world   The following list will hopefully help you find the fun-spots during your waiting times and you may even use it to plan your travel route if an interrupted journey is inevitable.

  • Adelaide Airport:    There is a children’s playroom as well as children’s videos playing in T1 near the cafes.
  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport:  The “Kid’s Forrest” is an outdoor themed playground located on Holland Boulevard between departure Lounge E and F.
  • Buffalo Niagara International Airport:  There are two.  One is located by gate 14 and the other in the food court before security.
  • Changi Airport Singapore:  The Roll’s Royce of airports there is plenty to keep your children amused here including a swimming pool (for which there is a fee), and cinemas (free).  There are also playgrounds a plenty which can be found at Terminal 1 in the Departure Transit Lounge West, Level 3.  Terminal 2 next to the Family Zone at Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2.  Terminal 3 next to the  SATS Special Service Lounge at Departure Transit Lounge Central, Level 2 and  outside the gate holdroom A16 – A20 at Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 2.  In the Budget Terminal there are 2, one in the Departure Check-in Hall and the other in the departure Transit Lounge.
  • Christchurch Airport:  There are “Timezone” arcades where your children can play computer games for a fee in the International terminal (arrivals and departures after security).  Located across from the International airport is the International Antarctic Center which offers educational and interactive displays.
  • Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport:  This play area is located in Concourse A.
  • Copenhagen Airport: There is a playground in the departure area (after check-in) for children 6 months – 15 years.  It is on the first floor near the entrance of the A gate.
  • Dubai International Airport: A children’s play area with a play zone and a mother’s lounge is located between gates 12 and 14.
  • Dallas / Fort Worth International:  There are a number of play areas within this airport.   One playground each at gate D10 and gate E 21. McDonalds Restaurant has a play area in the International Terminal D by Gate D33.  One of two Pepsi Junior Flyers Clubs is located in Terminal B by gate B12. Another Pepsi Junior Flyer Club play area is located in Terminal C near gate C14.
  • Glasgow airport:  Soft play areas suitable for children aged 2-6 are on offer at gates 27A and 27B which is after security on the international pier.  There are also “Fingabox” interactive screens,  Lego and puzzle tables at a variety of locations.   For international passengers the Skylounge Holiday Wing offers child friendly diversions although there is a charge.
  • Halifax Stanfield International Airport:  Check out “Kid’s Port” on the departure level near gate 18.  It offers a variety of children’s activities.  Alternatively “Kid’s Works” on the main level is worth a visit if you have time to spare.
  • Heathrow airport:  This is an airport which does its best to cater to families.  There is a play area in each terminal: T1 by Fat Face and Timberlane, T3 by gates 23-55, T4 toward Gates 1-6 by Burberry and T5 by Gate 7.   In addition, for those willing to pay a price there are two lounges which cater to travelling families.  The Jetterz Kids Club Lounge is located in Terminal 3 just past security.  You can drop your older children here (ages 5-14.  It is supervised and has television,  a DVD player, books, toys, and computer games.   Terminal 4 offers the KLM Holideck Lounge.  It is placed next to Gates 15 and 16, and offers interactive toys and games for pre-school aged children and Playstation2 games available for older kids.  During holidays Heathrow’s “Journey Team” may be handing out freebies for young travelers.
  • Helsinki Airport:  There are four playrooms in the departure terminals.
  • Hong Kong International Airport:  You can find a play area in Terminal 1 between gates 23 and 25, departures level.  Another is located between Gate 509 and 510 on the departures level, of the North Satellite Concourse.  There are also children’s television lounges near gates 1, 15, 40 and 60. Within Terminal 2 you will find other entertainment attractions including an aviation discover center, i-sports complex and PlayStation Gateway, all on Level 6.
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport:  An impressive play area is located on Level 5 of the Main Terminal Building.
  • Las Vegas McCarran International Airport:  A play area is located on the 2nd floor of D Concourse, overlooking the rotunda.
  • Logan International, Boston:  Two “Kidspots” cater to small children.  One is in Terminal C and the other Terminal A by gate A18.
  • London Gatwick Airport:   If you are travelling during peak season and using the South Terminal you may be lucky enough to encounter a story time or puppet show. Alternatively, the South Terminal has a play area opposite “Café Rouge” and the North Terminal has a play area located behind “Boots” in the departure area.   For those willing to pay a fee the Servisair Wentworth, and Number 1 lounges have children’s games and facilities.
  •  Miami International Airport:  A children’s art gallery is located in the South Terminal H second level.
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport:  Two aviation-themed play areas are waiting to distract your children.  These are located in Concourse C at Terminal 1-Lindbergh on Level 2, inside security as well as at Terminal 2-Humphrey  Alternatively, if you want some comfortable quiet time with your baby or small child this aiport offers a  Family Center, located at Terminal 1-Lindbergh.  It includes a family restroom, comfortable seating, a rocking chair and a crib.  The facility is located near the entrance to Concourse E.
  • Nashville International Airport:  This airport has three play areas located on the A, B and C concourses.
  • O’Hare Airport, Chicago:  A huge, aviation themed playground “Kids on the Fly” is located in Terminal 2 through security. Alternatively “ Play it Safe,” which is  located in Terminal 5 (by gate M7) educates children about being prepared for emergencies.
  • Perth Airport:  On the western side of terminal one, outside the building is a playground.
  • Pittsburgh International Airport: A visit to Concourse C will lead you to the “Kidsport” play area.
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport: This airport offers play areas in   Terminal 3 at the end of the south concourse between Gates 7 & 9 and at the end of the north concourse near Gate 24.   In addition, near the international gates in Terminal 4 you can find a play area close to Gate B19.
  • Portland International Airport:  Play areas are located near the D/E security checkpoint, pre-security, and on Concourse C near gate C17 beyond the security checkpoints.
  • Sea-Tac Airport, Seattle:  This huge play area is located through security in the Central Terminal.
  • Salt Lake City International Airport:  Three play areas are located in Concourses A, B and the top of E respectively.
  • San Francisco International Airport:  This airport offers a variety of activities to keep children entertained.  A “Kids’ Spot” can be found in Terminal 3, Boarding Area F, near gate 87A.  Another is located post-security near Gates 54A and 58B in Boarding Area D, Terminal 2.   The airport website also offers information on airport self-guided tours which culminate at the information desk where children receive a prize.  Another alternative is to view the 3 different aquariums located pre-security on the Departures/Ticketing level of Terminal 1.
  • Seattle/Tacoma International Airport :  This airport has a large aviation-themed play area near the Central Terminal, between Concourses A and B.
  • Sydney Airport :  Playgrounds are located before and after security screening.  Before screening one can be found between check-in counters A & B and at the end of check-in counter J.  Once past security you will find a play area between Gates 31 & 33 in Pier B and between Gates 58 & 59 in pier C.
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport :  This are two play areas, one each in terminals 1 and 3.
  • Vancouver International Airport: There are several children’s play areas which are scattered throughout the airport before and after security checkpoints.

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  1. Copenhagen airport in Denmark.
    There is a nice playground in the departure area (after check-in) for the children of age 6 months-15 years old. The playground is located on the first floor (like a terrasse) near the entrance of the A gate.

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